Season 9 News


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Format: NLHE freezeout
Starting stack: T60,000 triplestack
Buyin: $100
Rebuys? No.

The Championship is by invite only and will include the top nine point-earners for the season.  The buyin will be $100 for a triplestack of chips.  Players are awarded bonus chips based on the number of points they earned during the season.  Seats will be randomly assigned.

Name Season Points Starting Stack* Seat
Mike M. 58.8 82,100
Don D. 51.39 79,300
Jason Ta. 46.33 77,400
Jason Tr. 39.03 74,700
John M. 37.48 74,100
Eric W. 34.21 72,900
Nick G. 33.69 72,700
Fran D. 28.96 70,900
Mike T. 28.74 70,800
* – Starting stack rounded to the smallest chip in play (100)


Added to the players buyins will be $805 in season rakes.  Assuming all 9 players compete, prizes will be as follows:

First Place:  $930
Second Place:  $465
Third Place:  $310


If you are in the top nine in season points, keep an eye open in your email for invites.

A complete schedule of formats for Season Nine can be found here.


Championship Rakes

Ten percent of the buyin from every game is raked and added to the Championship prize pool. Rebuys are not raked and go 100% into the prize pool for that particular event. After the last event, the season rakes are $805.

  • Event 1: $80
  • Event 2: $70
  • Event 3: $70
  • Event 4: $80
  • Event 5: $60
  • Event 6: $50
  • Event 7: $75
  • Event 8: $60
  • Event 9: $80
  • Event 10: $80
  • Event 11: $100

Final Table Showdown

Current Final Table Showdown jackpot: $115

For the first 10 events, every time a regular player (non-sub) makes a final table, he or she has the option of purchasing a card which will later be drawn at random. The first card costs $1, the second card costs $2, the third card costs $3, etc. Before purchasing the first card earned, a player may also pre-pay for the season (no matter how many cards they earn) at a cost of $10. All card purchases accumulate into the jackpot.

Before Event 11, players will select their cards from a deck (or double deck, if more than 52 cards are purchased). The player with the highest five-card poker hand will win the jackpot. If two players are tied with the same five-card hand, the player who made the hand first will be the winner. If a double-deck is used, duplicate cards will be ignored (so, for example, Kh, Kh, 9h, 7h, 2h is still a flush and Kh, Kh is still a pair). Complete Final Table Showdown rules can be found here.

The following players have earned Final Table Showdown cards in Season 9:

Jason Ta., 7 cards
Mike M., 7 cards
Don D., 6 cards
Eric W., 6 cards
Lolly O., 6 cards
John M., 5 cards
Mike T., 5 cards
Fran D., 4 cards
Jim O., 4 cards
Jeff R., 3 cards
Sean O., 3 cards

The showdown will take place 30 minutes before the tournament starts, so please arrive early if you want to draw your own cards.  If you are not on site when its your turn to select your cards, they will be drawn for you.

Detailed Final Table Showdown results through 10 events

The following order will be used for drawing cards:

  1. Jeff R., 3 cards (first card earned in Event 1, finished 6th)
  2. Sean O, 3 cards (first card earned in Event 1, finished 8th)
  3. Fran, D., 4 cards (first card earned in Event 2)
  4. Jim O., 4 cards (first card earned in Event 5)
  5. Mike T., 5 cards (first card earned in Event 1)
  6. John M., 5 cards (first card earned in Event 2)
  7. Don D., 6 cards (first card earned in Event 1, finished 5th)
  8. Eric W., 6 cards (first card earned in Event 1, finished 9th)
  9. Lolly O., 6 cards (first card earned in Event 3)
  10. Mike M., 7 cards (first card earned in Event 1, finished 1st)
  11. Jason Ta., 7 cards (first card earned in Event 1, finished 3rd)