Event 3 seating

We have 17 players locked-in for Event 3.
We’re playing a no limit Texas hold ’em poker tournament. Each player will receive 100,000 in tournament chips for a $40 buy-in.
There is a single (optional) full rebuy for another $40. All rebuys can be purchased up until the forming of the final table of 9 players.
Here are the randomly drawn seating assignments:
Red Table (Main)
  1. John M. (Dealer)
  2. Don D.
  3. Mike M.
  4. Bill B. (Sub)
  5. Jason Tr.
  6. Jason Ta.
  7. Michael M. aka “Murph” (Sub)
  8. Jim O.
Bronze Table
  1. Mike T. (Dealer)
  2. Lolly O.
  3. Keith K.
  4. Brent B. (Sub)
  5. Kyle H. (Sub)
  6. Sean O.
  7. Eric W.
  8. Fran D.
  9. Chris S.
Six regulars are out for this event. Subs Bill B, Kyle H, Michael M. aka “Murph” from Paulo’s league and Brent B. are all filling in.
I’ll provide bottled water and pizza on the dinner break.
A cash game should fire up once the tournament consolidates to one table and there is enough interest. The standard cash game has been .25¢/.50¢ HOPE format. However, whatever the participating players agree upon is acceptable.
F&CPT Event Coordinator
Jason Tr.

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