Event 1 Recap

After the Opening Ceremonies and parade of players, 15 regulars were joined by 3 subs (Keith M., Keith C. and Kevin A.)  At the end of the night, Mike M. and Kevin A. went heads up for the title.  But rather than battle it out, they agreed to chop the money and played the final hand face up.  Mike won the hand but having agreed to give the odd chopped dollar to Kevin, he became the first winner to earn less money than second place.  Jason Ta. took down third place for $165 and Season 8 Champion Mike T. limped in to 4th place and a $120 payday after losing some very big pots at the wire.

Complete results can be found here.
Event 2 will be a T10,000 NLHE rebuy tournament.  Keep your eye open for invites.
Thanks to everyone who came out for Event 1 and congrats again to Mike M.

Event 1 Seating

Event 1 will be a NLHE + rebuy tournament using the T100k blind schedule.  Players chose to start with between T75k and T125k.  If you are completely felted before the final table forms, you may rebuy at any stack.

We have 18 players for this event.  Regulars Fran, Jim O., Lolly, Chris S. and Chris B. are out.  Three subs have stepped up to grab the empty seats (thanks to Jason for working to get them filled), including Keith C., Erik M. and the Ali-like return of Kevin A.  If we locate a 19th player, they will be seated at seat 3 of the red table.  A 20th player will be seated at Seat 3 of the blue table.
Seats have been randomly seated as follows:
image (3)
Food (likely pizza) at the break.  Cash game after the tournament consolidates to one table.
Event 2 will be T10,000 NLHE + rebuy tournament.


Event 1 Invite

For Event 1 of Season 9, you will be allowed to buyin for any of the following amounts:

$30 for T75,000 in chips
$40 for T100,000 in chips
$50 for T125,000 in chips
If you are completely felted and the final table has not yet formed, you can rebuy.  Rebuys can be at any of the above amounts and DO NOT have to match your buyin amount.
I know I will have at least 2 open seats, so I am going to start a sub waiting list right away in hopes of getting the tournament filled at 20.
If you are interested, please respond to reserve your seat.  You MUST commit to your starting stack at the time you reserve a seat.