Season Nine is Coming


The Fish & Chips media relations department has distributed the Season 9 schedule to newspapers worldwide.  The quest for the fisherman trophy begins with our annual Pick-a-Stack event.  Note that there is no Qualifier this year, so every event counts.  The popular “no ante” tournament will be played over three events and John M. will be hosting an event!  Deepstacks (E11 and the Championship) start at 6:00 p.m.  PLO in August, Stud in December.

Event 1: T75k-125k NLHE Pick-a-Stack + rebuy
Event 2: T10k NLHE freezeout
Event 3: T100k NLHE + rebuy
Event 4: T100k PLO + rebuy
Event 5: T2,000 NLHE “No Ante” + unlimited rebuys
Event 6: T100k NLHE + rebuy
Event 7: T100k NLHE + rebuy
Event 8: T10k 7-card stud + rebuy
Event 9: T2,000 NLHE “No Ante” + rebuy
Event 10: T2,000 NLHE “No Ante” freezeout
Event 11: NLHE doublestack freezeout
S9 Championship: NLHE triplestack freezeout + 25% bonus chips

 Invites will be going out to Event 1 shortly.